Rules of Conduct

Some you may know that I have a very strict policy on how Wicked Talent members treat each other.

I have noticed that far too many people take liberties with each other that are not theirs to take.  Just because you are safely behind your computer, replying to words you see on your screen and feelings you have developed from such, does not give you the right to treat others as you would not if they were there with you!  I have seen models take time out of their days to be outright rude to photographers on livejournal when their opinion was not asked for or needed; models threatening each other, and photographers and models not showing the common courtesy of knowing when to stop talking. Over 40% of emails are misunderstood. That's alot of room for error.

Do we really need to take time out of our schedules on a daily basis to be cruel to one another?

The computer does not exempt you from realizing there is a human being on the other end.  Since very few members are on a yearly plan, I will not hesitate to remove those who are not being the civil, professional and beautiful people that I know you truly are.  I will also not hesitate to speak my mind when asked about my experience with you.  I apologize for the harsh nature of this page, but I detest this kind of behavior, and I will not have the company I have worked so very hard on for the last nine years be damaged because more than one bad apple have spoiled the lot.  Word gets around if you've made yourself out to be negative and rude.  It's bad for you and for others who call themselves Wicked Talent members.

Please everyone, this subculture is small.  It's needed, and it's full of enough people who only seek to watch others fail.  Must we participate in that?  Or can we simply learn that everyone has issues, let's leave them to them, and not be part of that problem?

Thank you,
-Donna Ricci

We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with you.  This is a give and take relationship, we will try to provide the best work for you and we expect the same in return.  Everything you do reflects on you and all of the people working with you.

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