Wicked Talent's [basic] services are FREE with no obligations or contracts.  Wicked Talent does not take commission.  For more information, please refer to the About Us section of the website.

When you view sites for similar services, you may see a great difference in prices.  The average headshot and portfolio posting company charges about $120 for a one year subscription.  Wicked Talent's owner feels personal moral obligations to alternative talent, and believes that a lot of those other sites are scams or ill intentioned start ups.  This site is more a community of like-minded individuals.

Models FREE for accepted applicants.
Photographers FREE for professionals.
Makeup Artists FREE for professionals.
Hair Stylists FREE for professionals.
Fashion Designers FREE for professionals.
Multipurpose Stylists FREE for professionals.  (Multipurpose: any combination of hair, makeup and/or wardrobe.)
Artists FREE for professionals.  (Illustrators, etc.)
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