Modeling Is Dangerous For Grandmothers

by Donna Ricci
May 28, 2007

Notice to aspiring models: spend time with your grandmothers now for as soon as you believe yourself to have made a "name", she'll surely die right before a shoot when you were 20 minutes late to it anyway.

We have heard them already, and really, just stop. On the flipside, I don't appreciate the honesty of calling me to let me know you can't make the shoot because you're hungover.

Do not committ to work you don't want to do, and don't make excuses. There are younger, prettier and hungrier models than you who will be willing to do your work and because they are also more dedicated, they will show up. Sober.

Make relatively aggressive effort to keep yourself healthy. Go on walks, take vitamins, don't smoke, don't drink before a shoot and for gosh sakes, don't leave the poison out near your grandmother.

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