HighPass Filter-a Sharp Photoshop Tip

by Kidtee Hello
January 12, 2007

On the Layer palette select your Background Layer and right click. Select Duplicate Layer.

    * With this new layer highlighted select Filter / Other / High Pass. Set the Radius to 10 and click OK.
    * Zoom into your image to Actual Pixels level so you can better see what you're going to do next.
    * Go back to the Layer Palette and select Hard Light from the left drop down.
∑ Now go to the Opacity Slider and select a level of sharpening that seems best to you. Usually something between 20% and 70% will be best.

This will Create Noise if you have an Image that already has a high level of it, However, you can still lower the Opacity to about 10%.

The Difference is biggest in printing to see it; print one with the filter and one without.

You'll be surprised

That's all there is to it. Anyone with Photoshop can do this…

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