"Do You Guys Think I Have What It Takes To Be A Model?"

by Josie Nutter
November 21, 2006

You know, I hate to say this sort of stuff because I know it sounds mean, but sugar coating can be potentially more harmful than being completely honest.

Whenever I see an aspiring model asking around if she has "the look" or if people think she has what it takes to become a model, I feel like saying:

If you have to ask... then, no, you don't.

For the most part, the only people who ask this question are the ones fishing for empty compliments from random strangers.

From what I've witnessed in the past, the people who ask this question don't actually want to do the work of being a model, but just want to be told that he or she could be a model.

It's frustrating for photographers because these are the "models" who don't respond to email, or if they do, can almost be counted on to flake at the last minute or pull no-shows.  It's frustrating for other models, because then photographers assume ALL internet models are like that.

Everyone loses, except the so-called model, enjoying the ego stroke of people wanting to work with her.

My advice to beginners is this:

Read this entire website: http://www.newmodels.com

It should give you a good idea of what you are (and what you are not!) likely to be successful with.  At anything less than 5'8", women's options are very limited if one wants to make a living solely from modelling.  Unless a young girl is super slender and super tall, my advice is always to stay in school and get a good day job.  You can always model on the side for fun, and maybe the occasional bit of supplemental income.

However, if you still want to try to "make it" and don't want to do porn, the only thing you can really do is hit your local agencies' open calls.  Agencies are financially focused businesses and will be very upfront with you if they don't think you're marketable.

If you realize that you do just want to model for fun, whether or not you have "the look" is completely irrelevant.  Stop asking.

If you just want people to tell you you're pretty, or want to learn to "look like a model", then maybe a modelling school like Barbizon or John Casablanca's would be something for you to look into.

This might seem a bit harsh, but trust me... I know.  I wish someone would have given me this sort of guidance back in 1998, when I naively thought --and was actively encouraged by some to continue believing-- that I was going to become some big name mainstream fashion model.  (At 5'2", no less.)  Ha!  It would have saved me a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of heartache.

And I'd still just be doing what I am now. :)

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