Advice to the aspiring model by Darenzia

by Donna Ricci
November 9, 2006


1. Keep a "real job". There are very few models who can completely support themselves doing fetish modeling. Don't jump into it thinking you're going to travel the world right away and live this posh lifestyle where designers throw you free clothes and photographers spray you with endless cash. While I do manage to do alright simply modeling, to this day I still have freelance projects that have nothing to do with modeling or fetish on the side. Keeping a real job lets you still remain creative and you won't have to take modeling work you wouldn't ordinarily do just to pay the rent. It also serves to keep you grounded. Plus, looks don't last forever and you're going to need something to fall back on sooner or later.

2. If you're first starting out, look for photographers in your area who have work you admire and contact them about shooting for your portfolio (this would be for "trade for prints" or "TFP"). The point being to build up your portfolio with flattering shots of yourself in order to get work later. If you know other models in your area--be polite and ask them for some references and THANK them when they help you out. Don't work with every "guy with a camera" just to gain experience--remember it's about QUALITY not QUANTITY. Six bad photos does not a good photo make and will keep you from getting decent work. One good photo would serve you better. Always check references of photographers you work with for safety reasons.

3. Don't get into modeling as a self-esteem boost if you're prone to feeling shitty about yourself. If anything, it will probably hurt your self-esteem more then help it. You must be very confident in yourself and not fall victim to what is sometimes harsh and very cruel criticism. Every single model will have to endure this at some point and sometimes it can hurt even the most confident ego--you have to learn to overcome it. If you're the type of person that bases their worth on how many compliments you get, this is not the right "job" for you and you should work on your self confidence before you attempt modeling. On the same token, you should be able to handle CONSTRUCTIVE criticism because it will help you grow and prevent stagnation. So, on the flipside, don't become an egotistical cunt either.

4. Know your personal limits and stick to them or think them through throughly before you decide to break them. Here's the old don't do anything you'll regret later schtick. I've pushed some of my limits in the past few years, and haven't regretted those decisions (I also thought those decisions out BEFORE and never made them on the fly). Still, there's some shitty photos of me out there looking haggard or zitty or lit horribly by an inexperienced photographer or going through a heavy phase or just having a bad day and therefore having a bad shoot that I'd rather forget, heh. Trust me, these "bad days" are the pictures that become the prized weapon of the loser just waiting to tell the world that you're ugly. Remember--there is no woman in the world that does not have a few physical flaws and there will always be someone waiting to point them out to you.

5. Have a real passion for what you're doing.

6. READ THINGS BEFORE YOU SIGN THEM!!!! If you don't understand it, don't sign it!

by Darenzia as taken from her site with permission

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