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Last Updated: January 30, 2008

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About Me

I worked as the curator for the Glendale Arts Council for many years. I was the design editor for AustralAsia magazine in Moscow Russia. Now I work with digital photography, and Alt process printing, publication, hand-made art  books, visual journals, collaborative art books, Compact Disc packaging, design & layout. My focus was in Photography and design work over recent years, but my passion for painting has returned. My paintings are mixed-media containing photographic elements.
I love finding a new muse to collaborate with, my muses work TFCD.
I rarely do TF work, however, outside of my projects, and I do not do testing. If you interest me, I will most likely contact you.
If I post a TF project that is your chance to work with me.
All other photo sessions, inquire about my hourly rates.
If you are another artist or MUA,  I love collaborative projects, and enjoy meeting and working with other like minded creative people.

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