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About Me

Hi! Iam a long time goth rock/punk/metal/alternative music fan, a weirdo, lover of photography, and all things unnervingly beautiful. I am mostly self taught, having religiously watched horror films/post-apocalyptic/cult films since the age of 5, and spent that time utterly fascinated by the makeup and effects. I have taken a few classes here and there, and have worked on many shoots doing full body nude beauty makeup, extreme gore,disturbia, 1950's pinup makeup and basic pornographic cover makeup as well. Usually my clients request that I style/color hair along with the application. I often work freelance for raves, costume parties, and Halloween events, as well as contracted out to slather up haunted house ghoulies. I am open to all kinds of work, and love a good challenge! Iam willing to travel to an extent, and eventually hope to be shaking hadns with the Hollywood greats!


Raisin Hell Ranch
Bob Spickard
Various amateur pornographers
Many Independant filmmakers

(mostly individuals looking to spook or freak or flirt!)

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