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Last Updated: January 6, 2013

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About Me

"Plastic artist, designer, photographer, stylist, binding both visual arts and modern visual arts in a single project."

Liliana Pinho graduated in design but her childhood passion brought her back to photography.

Since then she embarked on learning more about this art by taking workshops with great photographers like Melissa Rodwell and master degrees.

She photographed several catalogs and editorials for shops, designers, artists and performers. These works led to the recognition by DOPE Awards and the opportunity to publish in national and international magazines.

Within the music industry, Liliana has photographed countless live acts, national and international, for more then 10 years.

Alongside photography, Liliana is also a fashion designer, highly recognized after her participation in Milan Fashion Week 2011, with her collection "Black Veil".

The interest for learning more about cinematography made her attend cinema masterclasses.


Published Work

Awards: Dope Awards & Dope Award Photo recognition's

Mags: LOUD! Metal Magazine (pt) | BLITZ (pt) | DP Arte Fotográfica (pt) | Darkfaery (fr) | Gothic World fanzine (fr) | Arte Del Luz (sp) | The Mick (lt) | JN (Diário Noticias) (pt) | Destak (pt) | Metro (pt) | FotoPlus (pt) | The Gifted Group | Get Inspired Magazine | Vogue (it) | Imagem Do Som | Metal Imperium

Other Published work: Elfic Catalogue| DVD Obsidion Kingdom | CD Karbonsoul - Promoshoots | Advertising Poster Puzzle Bar - Braga | Liliane Anaïl #2360126 |

Some Models: Angélica Elfic #2848592 | Nelson Brett | Artemisakkis | BenniBastet #1680062 | Zombie Uterus #2218535 | Muffy | Inês Midian | Ju | Dj Mad Ozzy | Sara | Surya | Carla Starla | Macabre Cherry | Carlos | Lady Nephtys | Dj Lilith | Pedro Pinho | Raven Von Bloodimir | David (child) | Sophia (child) | Joana (child) | Vicente (child) | Vanessa (child) | Kristine | Angélica Elfic|

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