Caleb Motionless

Wicked Talent #2861
St Peters , Missouri

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Last Updated: May 1, 2011

Membership Type: Basic
Model Details
Height Weight
5'10" 125 Lbs.
Measurements Age
36-29-30 Over 18 (Adult)
Hair Color Hair Length
Black Medium
Eye Color Skin Color
Brown Fair
Tattoos Piercings
Lots Some
Experience Compensation
No Experience Depends on Project

About Me

I'm very big into music, I am also big into tattoos and I don't let people judge me based on my appearence. Being covered in tattoos is something I chose to do when I was about 17, and I've been getting tattooed ever since. I was a singer in a Death metal band and am still looking to do that for a living in the future because music is my life! I'm a pretty out going person, and I usually get along with every body I encounter. I want to get into modeling off my tattoos for magazines and whatever else I can so that I can at least get the art work that my artists have put on my body out there for everybody to see.
I want to get into modeling cloathing lines and other things of that nature, if not modeling my tattoos.

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