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Bakersfield, California

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Last Updated: August 4, 2011

Membership Type: Basic
Model Details
Height Weight
5'7" 100 Lbs.
Measurements Age
30-25-32 Over 18 (Adult)
Hair Color Hair Length
Brown Medium
Eye Color Skin Color
Hazel Fair
Tattoos Piercings
Some Some
Experience Compensation
Some Experience Depends on Project

About Me

I want to model, I have ever scenes I can remember. Ive always loved it. But I love body modifications and most places don't want that. I'm not going to act as if I'm some other then me just to model. Modeling is my dream but who I am as a person means so much more than that. When I came across this site I liked it because it feels like me. As long term, Id love to model til the day I die, Its so beautiful to me and its some thing Ill always long to do. I can't travel because I'm still in school. Wont do nudity because I'm underage. Once I get to the age, I still wont. I want kids to look up to me because I'm not "perfect" I'm normal and to show kids no matter who you are,what you look like, it don't matter what kind of body modifications you have you can model if that's your dream to do so.


Ive never worked with anyone. I tried going thought Prostout a few years back but I never got in with them, they decided I wasn't what they were looking for.

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