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Hull, UK

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Last Updated: April 22, 2011

Membership Type: Basic
Model Details
Height Weight
5'10" 135 Lbs.
Measurements Age
36-23-36 Over 18 (Adult)
Hair Color Hair Length
Black Medium
Eye Color Skin Color
Hazel Fair
Tattoos Piercings
Some Some
Experience Compensation
Some Experience Depends on Project

About Me

Hey looking for some tattoo modelling work. I am nineteen years old and have 8 tattoos. Travel can be arranged. I don't mind underwear modelling. But no further. I am currently doing some tattoo modelling work for my tattooist, for a small tattooing magazine for his shop.
In my career I am looking to hopefully advance to major magazines & or advertisements. I believe tattoos to be one of the most beautiful forms of artwork and hopefully will be getting more in the near future.

Tattoo list --
- Three stars on my left hip bone.
- Large cherry blossom tree up my right side.
- Avenged Sevenfold deathbat on my lower back.
- Teenage Cancer Trust symbol in the top, centre of my back.
- Coloured Butterfly on my left ankle.
- 1940's Sailor pin up on my right thigh.
- Swirled initial tattoo on my right hand.
- On my centre three fingers of my left hand I have the words, "One Devious Bitch".
-Piercings List-
Two Tongue piercings, Belly Button piercing, & Ear lobe piercings.


The main person I work with currently is named Brady Stewart (Photographer).

I am currently working to be in a tattooing promo magazine for my tattooist to promote his shop.

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