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Madison, Tennesee

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Last Updated: February 13, 2011

Membership Type: Basic
Model Details
Height Weight
5'0" 145 Lbs.
Measurements Age
42-36-39 Over 18 (Adult)
Hair Color Hair Length
Dyed/Other Long
Eye Color Skin Color
Gray Fair
Tattoos Piercings
Lots Some
Experience Compensation
Some Experience Depends on Project

About Me

My name is christina tipler. ive just recently gotten into embracing my imperfected body. so i would like everyone else to check it out or learn to check out their own. i have lots of tattoos and a few peircings. dont plan on stopping anytime soon. ive got plenty of space just getting into the modeling thing so nudity is not quite in there yet.. possibly topless. i would love to do tattoo magazines... pinup/rockabilly/calenders,books,... anything similar..i think magazines are my main aspiration.i dont have any real projects planned. i wouldl ike to put together a themed calender for my friends and family and have started to do that but only have a couple months done. its on hold due to the photographers far as travel goes it depends if its paid and for how long and how far.i would rather stay within driving distance of my area if possible but i have reason.sorry about the grammar and puncuation i just figure its the content that is of importance just like pictures!


terry rippie @archangel tattoo in madison tn(tattoos)
shannon barrett photographer
bloody beautiful modeling(no pay site) facebook) facebook)
tattooed mommies(facebook)
pinup girls group(facebook)
***never had paid modeling job

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