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Last Updated: September 3, 2007

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About Me

I create Art, not pictures.  I would rather shoot a model that has a knack for getting artistic, as opposed to someone that is just going to stand there and look beautiful.  Most of the pictures I take have a theme or a story behind them, and portray that through the picture taken.  Ive been shooting for about 6 years now, working with Directors, Actors and Models.  I've done press photography for big Conventions in Okinawa, Japan, as well as skate competitions.  I have worked with Graphic Design Companies and even Haunted Houses! 

  My Photography is unique!  You will never see CMB (Camera-Model-Background) Pictures in my portfolio!  They are so unoriginal and plain. I would shoot in the middle of the ocean if I have too, while trying to stay a float, if it meant getting an amazing picture. 

If you are interested in working with me! Please let me know!  Id be more then happy to hear from anyone!


Worked For:
House Of The Living Dead - Art Director - 2003-2004
Franklin Graham Festival - Press - 2006
Calvary Chapel - Photography Staff - 2007
Come Forth - Art Director - 2007
SPX Studios - Photography/Web Design/Coding - 2007

Models Worked with:
Ben Furdui - Headshot
Brandon Craven - Headshot, Photoshoot
Daniel LeBlanc - Headshot
Danny Eisenbraun - Photoshoot
David Sonderby - Headshot
Erin O'Connor - Headshot
Jacqui Zierau - Photoshoot
Jamie Stein - Headshot
Joel Coronado - Photoshoot
Josh Neumann - Photoshoot
Joshua Cassidy - Photoshoot
Kendra Hawk - Headshot
Linnea Zamiello - Photoshoot
Luis Torres - Headshot
Ron Golden - Photoshoot
Sarah Petralia - Headshot

Alia Atreides(480461) - Headshot, Photoshoot
Victor Trujilo - Headshot, Live Play Shots
Zachary Moore - Photoshoot, Live Play Shots

Makeup Artists:
Amanda Bestwick
Megan Blankenship

Fashion Designers:
Travis Wallace

Crosby Shaterian

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