Worldwide: Kyle Cassidy has two paid internships available

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Worldwide: Kyle Cassidy has two paid internships available

Postby Donna Ricci on Thu Oct 11, 2007 10:10 am

Hey folks -- I have two paid internships open.

1) Data entry, it would be better if you're local, it's just typing up a bunch of contact info and creating a database, but you might get to meet Roswell. Probably a weekends worth of work.

2) NO URLS junky to set up the Armed America NO URLS page. This one's probably more interesting -- it involves managing the friends list and reposting blog entries. You need to know something about guns -- Phil will quiz you. Minimal photo editing skills. You can do this one from anywhere you have an Internet connection, which means you might not get to meet Roswell. Something you could spend half an hour a day on.

Contact me at kyle at kylecassidy dot com if you're interested.
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