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Last Updated: March 21, 2007

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About Me

My name is Elizabeth (nickname: Aurie), I've been practicing photography since I was sixteen.  Much of my work are self portraits due to lack of models, but I hope to remedy that!  Most of my work is conceptual portraiture--I want whoever is viewing the photograph to get a sense of meaning while looking at it.  I love exploring concepts conveyed through color (I've been told that much of my non black-and-white work has "wacky colors), and many of my black and white images have a noir feel. 

The type of models I'm looking for are ones who are enthusiastic about trying new things.  I don't want to have to direct the model through the shoot, so I'd like someone who has an idea of what they want out of the photograph and can keep each one fresh. 

Because I am a poor college student, I do not have a professional studio or a high-tech camera.  I work with what I have and try for the best.  I pretty much only work in natural light, and I get what I can out of my non-high tech camera.



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