Donna Ricci

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Burbank, California

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Last Updated: November 23, 2008

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Model Details
Height Weight
5'7" 115 Lbs.
Measurements Age
35-24-36 Over 18 (Adult)
Hair Color Hair Length
Black Medium
Eye Color Skin Color
Hazel Fair
Tattoos Piercings
None None
Experience Compensation
Very Experienced Depends on Project
Parts Modeling

About Me

Donna Ricci was borne June 24th in Los Angeles, California to Diane Youle and Albert Ricci.

She is a veteran model of over 15 years best known for her portrayal of the comic book character "Death" from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.

It is because of her Sicilian and Welsh heritage that she has become a popular favorite of many photographers, illustrators, clothing designers, painters and musicians in the U.S. and U.K.

Charities she works with include the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Undershare and the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound.

Future goals: To complete courses to be a RAINN (rape, abuse and incest national network) Counselor, start a freaks softball team, and to return to her hobby of photography.

Note to photographers: Donna has had no plastic surgery, piercings or tattoos and is drug-free. Let her anywhere near Oreos or Coffee though and you'll be sorry.


Cover Images:
Devolution Magazine UK #12
Marquis Model Directory 2005
Bite Me Magazine #'s 7 and 10
Vamp Magazine

LA Times June 2003
Gothic Beauty Magazine #3, #10, #12
Skin Two Magazine #42 and #57
Meltdown UK
Carpe Mortem
Bizarre Mag
Lollipop Magazine

Featured Model on clothing sites:
Drac In A Box
Do Androids Dream
Enigma Fashions
The Pale Court (Laura, you will always be with us)
Graven Images
Anything but Typical
Subculture Array
Crimson Empress
Faernyn's Grove (they named a gown after me)
Blackened Angels
Gris Grimly/ Mad Creator Studios
Heavy Red
Lip Service
Noctivagent Hair Studios and many more.
I have graced the catwalk for:
Versatile Fashions
Enigma Fashions
Exquisite Restraint Corsets
Subculture Array
Cats Clothes
Retail Slut
Undershare Charity Lingerie Event

Movies/ Television I am featured in:
Be Cool (Get Shorty II)
Las Vegas
NYPD 2069
Charlie's Angel

The following members can provide positive references for Donna Ricci.
D.W. Frydendall (Artist)
Elizabeth Zusev (Photographer)
Saryn (Photographer)
Cyndee (Photographer)
Tuesday Coren (Photographer)
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