Below Dark Water

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Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

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Last Updated: October 2, 2011

Membership Type: Extended
Model Details
Height Weight
5'5" 105 Lbs.
Measurements Age
30-27-30 Over 18 (Adult)
Hair Color Hair Length
Red Long
Eye Color Skin Color
Green Fair
Tattoos Piercings
Some Some
Experience Compensation
Very Experienced Depends on Project

About Me

I'm a Wollongong based alternative model.

I like strange things, long black nails, floor length dresses and factor dracula sunscreen.
If you're looking for an experienced alternative model to do a shoot with a bit of edge, a bit gothic and a bit vampy, then i'm your girl.
I have an irrational love of latex and a good tight corset, however more adult fetish isn't really my area nor intrest and I do not do nudes/explicit work. I don't mind topless for some shoots. 
I'm very professional to work with, a fantastic poser, and I need very little direction infront of the camera. I have my make-up artists certificate and so unless a shoot is paid for, I like to do my own make-up only, unless of course it's extremley complex and I need someone else to take over.

I have 3 black 'halloween' style bat tattoos across my left collarbone.


Amanda Lim 
Hiroshima Photography
Photographique Noire
Cavanagh Photography
Bradley J Notowibowo 
Shot Noiresque
Renee Pendlebury
Roberto G Duran
Kitty Gallannaugh (UK)
Robert Coppa
Louis Saggus
Tina Nikolovski
Digital Vinyl
Oliver Berlin
Avelina De Moray
Lara Light
Jade Martin
Geoff Jones
Harmony Nicholas
Matt Hofmann
Keren Dobia

*Make-up Artists:
KaraMia Makeup
Mantovani Make-up
Jenny Truong
Olivia Clee
Glita Supernova
Jolina O'Hair
Rebecca Holack
Aliesha Gannon
Monique Currie

Sharmaine Cox
Hasan Naqvi
Tiffany H/Mu.
Sheryn O'Connor
Priya Chandra
Aleesha Daarke
Paul Boundy
Peta Winter

Pilin Goodsell
Artificial Flavour
Lilium Zothecula
Candy Tallentine
Lauren Ashley
Noir Notoire
Katie Van Der Bos

Dusk Moth Designs
Tentacle Threads
Avelina De Moray Lingere
How Meow Jewelry
ockstars and Royalty
Saccharine Desolation Latex
Dark and Light Creations
Stranger Than Fiction

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