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Last Updated: July 22, 2008

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About Me

I am an artist just starting out. I love art photography and fashion photography though my main focus in my artwork has been portraits.What I mainly do is take pictures of who ever i know is interested in modeling and edit it in my style on photoshop or maybe draw it. I have sold a few of my works at sci-fi and fantasy conventions but I would like a lot more exposure to my artworks and style. I am also very interested in doing some modeling for future projects. I've been asked to model but I'd rather do fashion runway. I feel I am my best photographer but I don't mind letting others take a whack at capturing me. I'm a big fan of Elegant Gothic Lolita and other Gothic Fashions If thats how you can label it. I like showing this in my artworks and pictures of myself as well. For me I guess my main advantage is that I'm African American and thats something we don't see a lot of in the gothic-fashion industry as a whole. I would like to see more of it and I think others want to as well


Graffix Magazine volume 3

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